Letters to New Kent County – Installment 1

Dear Neighbors,

I’d like to update you on the Tidewater and Big Bend Foundation’s endeavors. While our websites, www.TidewaterandBigBend.org and www.CumberlandEstate.com, offer detailed insights, a brief overview here might be helpful for our community. This will also become a reoccurring series in New Kent Neighbors for the year to come.

Established in November 2020, our Foundation is dedicated to restoring and enhancing historical homes in Tidewater Virginia and Texas, with a current focus on New Kent County. Unlike typical historical site initiatives, we acquire and develop extensive land areas, echoing the grandeur of pre-Civil War estates.

Hampstead in the 1800s and present day. Hampstead was acquired by the Tidewater and Big Bend Foundation in 2021.

Our financial filings are in the public record, so I have no hesitation in supplying you with a couple of numbers that describe the scope of our operations. Through today, $63 million has been invested in the Foundation in cash with another $19.5 million projected to follow in 2024. In addition, $6.8 million of real estate has been contributed with more ahead. We believe we are NK’s largest residential taxpayer at $155,000 in 2023 payments.

The Foundation has acquired 5,500 acres of New Kent, supplemented by a smaller holding in Charles City County. We are judiciously expanding by focusing on strategic acquisitions along I-64 and Highway 155. Ten historical houses are currently under restoration, and we are actively seeking more properties.

Tidewater and Big Bend Foundation’s vision extends beyond restoration. We aim to provide a living history experience, reminiscent of Williamsburg’s urban colonial setting, but in a rural context. Our goal is to educate Americans about our young nation’s distinguished heritage, encompassing all races, including enslaved persons, genders, income levels, and social orientations that shaped our nation pre-1861.

Cedar Lane, acquired by the Tidewater and Big Bend Foundation in 2013.

We appreciate your support and interest in our mission. Check in next month for another installment which delves into the specifics of our real estate portfolio and ongoing restoration projects.


John Poindexter

New Kent

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